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This new technology merges electronic systems with the traditional lock. There is no wiring involved and can be installed in about five minutes like any other lock. The difference is hybrid locks have features including scheduling, audit trails, and the ability to easily add and delete user keys. It is an easy solution for anyone who wants a more secure lock, but does not want a full access control system.
Keypads are a great alternative to any security need. With their keyless entry, you never have to worry about misplacing or forgetting your keys. You never have to compromise style for security, we have a large variety of keypads in different styles, sizes, and finishes. Depending on your preference, the keypad can be touchscreen, numeric, push button, or a fully digital display. We carry everything from economy based standalone systems to a more contemporary system in stainless steel. You can also pair it up with an existing lock. We also provide alarm keypads that can hook up to any type of alarm.
As technology advances, card access is becoming more outdated and key FOBs are gaining traction. The reason is simply because key FOBS are smaller and easier to remember. Cards are usually placed in the wallet while key FOBs are a small device you can attach to key chains. While people may forget their wallets at home, they are far less likely to forget their key chain. Card and key FOBS are the primary source of entry for standalone locks with access control capabilities. They are quick and simple to use and they are convenient in commercial buildings where you have to control who is able to come in and out. While most companies use key FOBS, there are benefits to using a card. The card has photo capabilities and can be used as work identification.
Magnetic locks can be installed on many types of doors. They come in different sizes and different pounds so you can accommodate how much security is needed at each door. Usually they are installed on out-swinging doors and for aesthetic purposes, magnetic locks can also be concealed within the door. Magnetic locks, however, are not limited to doors. You can also get them installed for kitchen cabinets, gates, medicine cabinets, and more. Magnetic locks can also come in custom finishes. Many buildings in New York City have magnetic locks on their front doors. After Hurricane Sandy, it became law that doors with magnetic locks also needed a latching device.
Electronic locks are locking mechanisms that use an electric current to operate. Most designs only require batteries, ensuring the locks will still work even in the event of a power outage. Electronic locks are usually standalone locks that grant access to the user. While they can be installed to wires to connect with the network, most of the newer designs are wireless and have wi-fi capabilities. They can also be hooked up to alarms, ensuring that no unauthorized users will be able to gain access. The great thing about electronic locks is that you can control every aspect of it. There is a key bypass that is integrated with the FOB key or card to override the locking device. Since each key has its own signature it creates an audit trail and you can see who has entered where and the exact time they did so. You can also program the key to only allow access during certain times. 


Biometrics refers to the descriptive identification of individuals based on their characteristics and traits. Because each individual has distinctive traits, biometric systems are used to identify these features and incorporate them as a form of access control. They are usually integrated with electronic locking systems.  The most popular form of biometrics is fingerprint recognition.  The system reads the template of the finger.  It remembers and stores the fingerprint in its system. Once it is memorized, biometric system is programmed to recognize the fingerprint and authorize the door to unlock when it is accessed.


IP based access control systems are extremely effective in securing your location.  We can configure the software to work with existing networks. IP based systems allow you to manage access control systems such as electronic locks from a web browser.  Since the system can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have a PC, it allows you to control your security with ease and flexibility. In cases of wireless based access control systems, the network is connected by either wi-fi or ZigBee technology and works the same way as wired systems.

 Access Control
Advanced Locksmith provides the service and installation of access control systems that vary from standalone to biometric systems and everything in between.  Our staff is fully trained and knowledgeable in the software required for these systems.  Along with Access control installation, we assist with the technical support aspect of setting up the system to your specific standards.  Our in house support team is available to assist you if you have any questions.  Our technicians are certified and attend various seminars to keep up with today's technology.